SetClear's product lines focus on middle and back office services for institutional investors and broker dealers. SetClear's value proposition comes from trade aggregation, functional outsourcing, and provision of industry analytics.

SetClear's product lines for the non-US global marketplace include the following.

OneClear®: For Institutional Investors, SetClear leverages a global clearing network with a sophisticated operational infrastructure to provide a single point for clearing and settlement aggregation. OneClear brings the capabilities of local clearing banks together with SetClear's operating platform to provide an integrated service across multiple marketplaces. From a client perspective, SetClear delivers all messaging, reconciliation and processing seamlessly and transparently. Utilizing a revolutionary portal based blocking and allocation blotter, OneClear clients have a one-stop functional solution for aggregating and allocating their trades across a wide range of scenarios and environments. SetClear rationalizes multi-broker ticketing, provide an aggregated settlement solution, manages the complexities of operational risk, and reduces settlement cost.

OneSet: For Broker Dealers operating across multiple markets, SetClear offers OneSet to meet their middle and back office needs. OneSet is available as a complete solution or with the following modular capabilities.

Automated Middle and Back Office Function Outsourcing: SetClear provides a comprehensive functional outsourcing service which include :

  • Reference data management
  • Trade aggregation
  • Trade allocation and confirmation
  • Reconciliation
  • Settlement and status reporting
  • Fail management
  • Exception base processing
  • Post Execution Analytics®
A 24-hour centralized support team is available to provide assistance to clients worldwide regardless of different time zone.



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